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Bee Amazed!

Based in Science, Fueled by Fun!

Who's Who in the Bee Hive?

BeeAmazed! Digital Toy

For Parents of Kids under 8yrs.


Based in Science. Fueled by Fun.

BeeAmazed! is designed to inspire an appreciation and understanding of the importance of bees in our environment. Colorful action and engaging animation lead young minds through the maze of bee life, delighting kids and sparking curiosity about the natural world.


Jaynée Howe


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We know that parents and educators are hungry for quality screen time for kids.  BeeAmazed educates kids from their first steps to be global citizens.
" Quality Mommy time is easier when you know your child is engaged."

BeeAmazed! takes children on an adventure through a series of mazes, a journey of learning that starts with Who’s in the Hive, followed by Just who is the Queen Bee? What does the Builder Bee do? And Who’s that Drone Bee? The app is colorful, musical, and designed to keep youngsters entertained and engaged.


Children under age 8 are digital learners – tap, swipe and pinch are all part of children’s learning and development. Early childhood learning apps dedicated to environmental education are key to a sustainable and verdant future.

BeeAmazed is produced by Geo Tots, a digital toy publishing company dedicated to introducing children to concepts of sustainability & environmental stewardship. Children play fun interactive games that teach Toddler STEAM  -focused on Science, Technology, Environment, Art, & Math. Our core product is “Geo Tots: North American Forest,” where tots learn about recycling, food webs, & life cycle in a playful adventure. 

This is the first of a series of eco-educational apps for young children, which will eventually lead users through all of the eco-systems on the planet. An update of BeeAmazed! is scheduled for release in April.


Fun time with your kids
Geo Tots fun apps for kids
Complete a maze and help the beehive thrive!  
Learn while you play.


Five fun mazes show your child the roles bees have in the hive.


  1. Drag the Builder Bee to help her build the Honeycomb Cell.

  2. Assist the Nurse Bee in feeding hungry Baby Bees

  3. Help a Drone chase a Queen Bee.

  4. Show the Attendant Bee where to feed the Queen Bee.

  5. Tilt the maze back and forth as honey drips through the honeycomb
    on its way to the Bee Keeper!

Toddlers fun bee app
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