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Yes it's true!  We are asking for your support now.


You're able to make a difference.   

Bee Amazed!  


Our Kickstarter was a success! We've been asked for a way to contribute after the kickstarter deadline has passed.  We wanted to provide this page with a paypal link for those who may have missed our campaign while it was live. 

Rewards: We honor the same rewards as we offered on Kickstarter.  


Bee Amazed!
Geo Tots Eco-Educational app is the gateway to curiosity and exploration of the outdoors and nature's ecological wonders.  Geo Tots will take you and your young child on an interactive adventure through diverse world environments and habitats. Come and explore with us!  


Our debut Honey Bee Mazes game is the first in a series of eco-educational apps for Geo Tots. Young children will stay engaged as they learn the life cycles of bees, the roles bees play within the hive. Children will love the playful activities embedded in the game, and you'll love that their screen time will be quality educational time. Five mazes, rich with educational animations and interactive activities, teach children simple concepts of some of the important roles bees have in the beehive. Complete 4 distinct levels of exciting touch and drag mazes to move on to the tilt maze to drip the honey to the Bee Keeper!



Paypal payment option


Here is a link to our paypal account!  We will still honor any rewards offered in the Kickstarter Campaign!  Thank you for beliving in our mission and product.

This is not an offer for equity. Interested in investing on a lager level? Please contact Jaynée -

Bees are a gateway insect to eco-education. Our lives wouldn't look the same or be as rich without them. You can thank bees for everything from the juice in our fridge to the blueberries in our pancakes to a Halloween pumpkin. Games give young children a fun way to learn the importance of bees, and can inspire them to go out in the world to learn even more about nature.



Our team is eager to build this educational game for toddlers and preschoolers. We bring expertise and rich backgrounds to the table. Co-Founder Jaynée Howe brings a deep background in digital content creation, production, mobile development, and distribution. Chuck Whelon is a widely published game designer and illustrator who has already published many maze books of mazes. Helena Carmena Young is our Subject Matter Specialist, a Science Teacher, and Khan Academy Video consultant at The California Academy of Sciences.  See more about all the team on the bio page



Learn Who's Who in the Hive!

Geo Tots' Honeybee Mazes provides a fun and interactive activity while teaching kids about the important role that bees have in the hive. We decided to create our first app focused on honeybees because bees are familiar to kids, essential to the health of our trees and plants, and responsible for so much of the food we enjoy.  Additionally, we can virtually bring tots inside a hive to show them the amazing work that is difficult to witness up close in nature.  



Risks and challenges

We're hungry to overcome the distribution hurdle. Our focus will be on spreading our message to parents and educators about the benefits of eco-educational games for kids. We are confident that nature-loving parents and kids can enjoy Bee Amazed! as a gateway or catalyst for further science exploration and learning in the broader world.


We are a for profit company eager to get to market with our app.  BeeAmazed! will be in the app stores in October 2015.




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