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Bee Amazed!

Who's Who in the Hive?

Complete a maze and help the beehive thrive!  
Learn while you play.


Five fun mazes show your child the roles bees have in the hive.


  1. Drag the Builder Bee to help her build the Honeycomb Cell.

  2. Assist the Nurse Bee in feeding hungry Baby Bees

  3. Help a Drone chase a Queen Bee.

  4. Show the Attendant Bee where to feed the Queen Bee.

  5. Tilt the maze back and forth as honey drips through the honeycomb
    on its way to the Bee Keeper!














For more quality screen time, check out the Memory Match game,
and the Interactive Bee Keeper Game.


BeeAmazed! is based on life science.  Interactive play is educational, and our aim is to spark curiosity about bees and their importance in nature.  For additional learning, simply touch the sun at the top of each screen. More text pops up with key teachings to help you guide your child into more content and information.


By playing the mazes, discover just Who’s Who in the Hive.


Bees have many important roles:

  • The Forager Bee leaves the hive to find food. She's skilled in collecting pollen into tiny pollen baskets on her legs. She slurps up nectar through her tongue, also called the proboscis.

  • The Builder Bee builds the honeycombs, and you can too! In the first maze, touch the screen and help the Builder Bee build the honeycomb.  Complete the maze and watch bees fill the honeycomb cells with honey, made in their own bodies with consumed pollen and nectar.

  • Nurse Bees feed the babies. Some babies get a special white liquid called “royal jelly.” These babies grow up to be Queen Bees.

  • Did you know Drone Bees are the only males in the hive? They fly outside to find and chase a Queen Bee from another hive. A Queen Bee rarely exits a hive. She spends most of her life inside the beehive having babies and keeping the hive healthy and strong.  

Bees work together.

Bees are important so protect them.

Bees are the reason we have good fruits and veggies to eat.

Geo Tots will make a fun filled hour with activities and games to teach tots about bees.

  • Learn important roles bees play in the bee hive

  • Do the “Waggle Dance” - this is a dance Forager bees do in Nature when returning to the Beehive to tell all the other bees where the pollen and nectar can be found.

  • Play BeeAmazed!  

    • (Parents please download our free app from the app stores. links above right)

  • Coloring fun! 

    • Our illustrator Chuck Whelon will be drawing bees for each of the kids. 

  • We'’ll have coloring pages of each of our bees for the kids to color their own.

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