Shake the iPad and the bees buzz!

  • What is it like to "be" a Queen Bee?

    • Kids will understand some important decisions a Queen makes while leading the hive.

  • Build your own pollinator garden!

  • Dress the Beekeeper.

  • More mazes.

  • More games.

We are dedicated to creating science-based content that both engages & educates. Have some fun while you learn.

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Bee game for kids

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Who's who in the beehive?
 Geo Tots BeeAmazed


Drag the Builder Bee to help her build the Honeycomb Cell.

 Geo Tots BeeAmazed
Nurse Bee


Feed the hungry Baby Bees.

Drove Bee  Geo Tots BeeAmazed


Help a Drone chase
a Queen Bee

Attendant Bee  Geo Tots BeeAmazed


Show the Attendant Bee
where to feed the Queen Bee.

Bee Keeper  Geo Tots BeeAmazed


Play the interactive
Bee Keeper Activity.

Dress the Bee Keeper!

Harvest Honey  Geo Tots BeeAmazed


Help us harvest honey! Tilt the maze back and forth to drip the honey through the honeycomb on its way
to the Bee Keeper

Memory Match  Geo Tots BeeAmazed


Exercise your memory!  Can you match the cards?

There is so much out there that is not fun, it is wonderful

to see something so playful and watch kids enjoy learning with it.

Michael Carter PhD

Forager Bee  Geo Tots BeeAmazed
Builder Bee  Geo Tots BeeAmazed
Queen Bee  Geo Tots BeeAmazed
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Honey is Yummy!



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