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Geo Tots® is eco-education in digital toys.
Introducing biodiversity to curious young minds.
Curious children explore our environments and habitats while learning
STEAM– Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math. 

Geo Tots takes you to places you could never go!

  • Learn who's who inside a bee hive with our new app BeeAmazed!


  • Future products introducing the world:


      Travel through the North American Forest. 

      Activities are all over! Follow a brown bear through the forest to find engaging activities and games, or explore on your own.


    • Learn music through the sounds of Bees


    • Discover what lives under a rock

  • Adventure through many other activities filled with exciting insects, plants, and animals.

Introduce your children to life sciences through game play inside these engaging, interactive habitats.


Children will discover interconnected ecosystems and learn about our amazing planet through example animations and fun learning activities.

Our Digital Toys focus on STEAM: Science Teaching: Environment, Art, Music and Math.


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Geo Tots® introduces biodiversity to curious young minds.
a PLAYFUL ADVENTURE through world habitats...

Below are some of the playful learning activities included in the future version of Geo Tots mobile app:   

Hear me Pollinate!
The music of bees and polination.
Feel the Bzzzzzzz?

& your little one will too!
Discover basic music theory.


Learn How Colors Mix
color theory based on art history

blue + yellow = green

Children use flowers to learn

about mixing colors.


Follow a Brown Bear
explore, explore, and explore some more


Activities are all over the North American Forest.  Discover and play as you go.

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