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We want to empower you to engage with your child in a meaningful way.


Kids love play and we do to!


Download Coloring Pages:

Introduce distinct roles bees have in the hive through hands on coloring.


Play the App

Dress the Bee Keeper.

Play the mazes in BeeAmazed!


Make a snack from fruits and talk about pollination.

Select an at home activity

Keep the conversation going about science!

There are so many interesting roles bees take on in the hive!


By playing the mazes you have already learned that the queen bee lays eggs; the builder bees build the hive; nurse bees feed the baby bees; attendant bees tend to the queen; and drones chase the queen to mate with her.  Forager bees collect the nectar and honey from the flowers to bring back to the hive. 

Bee Amazed is a life science application founded on interactive play.

Bee role play!  
Turn your backyard, classroom, or living room into a pretend hive, and make believe you are a bee in the hive.  Who gets to play which type of bee? How will you interact in the hive together?

Combine our fun app into a conversation about Bees!

Bees are our friends – never kill them, always protect them!

Are you afraid of bees? Bees can’t sting unless they have a stinger, and only females have stingers. Bees don’t want to sting unless they absolutely have to, They will only do it for self-defense or when something tries to disturb their hive. Always observe bees from a short distance, and never try to catch a bee. Bee stings can hurt, but any discomfort is typically only temporary.  However, people who are allergic to bee stings should proceed with extra caution. Note:  According to the United States Department of Agriculture, only one or two people in 1,000 are allergic to bee stings” - USDA

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